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Red Worms For Sale

This pricing will not last and neither will the worm castings. This is our first year selling worm castings. You will be saving big money buy getting them directly from the worm farm. In the stores they commonly sell worm castings for upwards of $1.00 per pound. Its a value even at that price because of its concentrated and long-lasting nature. Use less than half the amount of worm castings as normal compost to see great results! You only need to add worm castings once per season. Other fertilizers cause a short lived growth spurt that leaves a weak and disease susceptible plant. Also chemical fertilizer provide little to no micro-nutrients and minerals. Worm castings supply micro-nutrients in a very water soluble form that plants can readily use. Using worm castings year after year will enrich your soil with humus. Over time this investment in your soil will pay huge dividends in increased fertility! Also worm casting repel insects and other pest. There are many studies that prove these claims see

http://whatcom.wsu.edu/ag/compost/lisaexpcompost.htm and


These carrots were grown with 0% 10% and 20% addition of castings

Here is a picture of our dark black worm castings.

Save the time, expense, and hassle of frequent chemical applications on your garden that over time kill the soil. Start feeding your soil with rich worm castings and it will feed you. 100% pure worm castings sold in 20 quart bags is $10 These bags are about 20# each, but the weight will vary depending upon moisture. This is why it is sold by volume. We also can sell it in bulk by the bobcat scoop. 1 cubic yard is about 1000# and sells for $375. Suggested application rates for a garden is 4-10 pounds per 100 square foot depending upon present soil conditions and what is to be planted. So a cubic yard will cover up to 10,000 – 25,000 square foot area! Call 864-430-5869 to purchase. Thanks, Matthew Wilson

Worm Castings For Sale